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Where Technology Meets Success

Impact of Covid on the Future of IT Industry

Impact of Covid on the Future of IT Industry

What kind of innovation do companies need so as to enhance and sustain the unprecedented challenges? In an environment filled with volatility, uncertainty, and insecurity, businesses are surviving with creativity and productivity. The covid pandemic was the breaking point for all industries across the globe. It taught us that things don’t always turn out the way we thought they would. This pandemic made us realize that sustainability is what matters in the end and the only way to do it is to adapt and move on. The IT industry is no different, It is complex and fast-paced meeting the dynamic business environment. But what will be the impact of covid on the future of the IT Industry? Lets us take a look at what we can expect next –

What are Employment Opportunities in the IT Sector?

Many companies laid off a number of employees during lockdown while many resorted to working from home. But it’s all in the past now as the hiring trends of 2021 are completely different. Covid made sure that the best will win in the end, and thus the recruitment of skilled professionals in the IT industry is expected to grow by 25%. The focus will be on multitaskers with prior experience in the field. There has been a 7% monthly increase in hiring new individuals in the country. Some big names here are Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services as they plan to hire around 12,000 college graduates this year.

What is the Research and Development Department doing?

The idea of social distancing will continue with a heavy emphasis on the hybrid model in offices. Artificial intelligence will enter the picture here with machines replacing most of the job profiles in the industry. Augmented Reality will also help companies leverage the marketing opportunities in the market. This technology will help customers overcome the limitation due to covid and experience multiple events with it. 5G Network will also be the talk of the industry in 2021. Cloud computing already holds a strong position in the market but the future is even brighter for it. In the next five years, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5%. And this is not it, web developers, coders, designers, and more will be in demand in companies to set their mark.

What will be the New Work Culture of the IT Industry?

While the covid vaccine is almost out, the companies are yet to decide its compulsion for their employees. In this case, working remotely will be the most suitable option considering the safety of the employees. But because the IT industries work on confidential information all the time, cybersecurity will be a must. From the coding of the new application to client information, all the data must remain inside the organization for its functioning. Thus the companies will be investing heavily in cybersecurity and locking the servers of the employee devices. The privacy concerns regarding the same are yet to be addressed by the top tier of the companies.

Is Infrastructure still the priority in the IT Sector?

The user experience will be the key focus of the companies. Infrastructure projects will see the highest investment in software development for automation and customization. Server administration and storage are other important elements that IT companies are looking to improve. Though innovation is important but the IT companies are focusing more on the core activities or micro-management rather than advanced methods. First-line supports and helps desk are essential for companies who outsource their services frequently.

These are some of the important trends that the IT industry is expected to follow post Covid19 situation. The use of technology is bound to increase with companies digitizing all the tasks and projects. The boom is obviously attributed to Artificial intelligence taking over the industries. The development of the vaccine may change the prediction slightly but most of them are likely to remain the same. So, answering the first question at the beginning, companies need to be up to date and need advance preparation to sustain unprecedented challenges like Covid. The new trends must be kept in mind for innovation and meeting the dynamic market environment.


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